Why you should Optimize your website for better Google Ranking in 2019

Many users are also sensitive about the least important personal information, and it is very important for them to maintain their information through the sites they are subscribing to. Complying fully with user privacy and protecting user information is one of the key factors in increasing your customer’s trust in your site. Do you want to increase your chances of having qualified prospects visit your website?  Think about Target Web Traffic as part of your business development strategy. It’s an easy way to get noticed – fast!

  • Use of video content such as infographic and video on the site

Attractive videos, as well as high-quality infographics, are among the things that can increase the amount of time you spend on the site. The user’s durability on the site is one of the factors that Google considers ranking the sites.

  • Use of structured data on the site

Structured data is understood and categorized by robots, so that they are simply displayed at the top of Google’s results. The proper use of this data will improve the performance and increase the ranking of the site in Google results.

  • Encourage users to comment on the site

This issue improves user interaction with the site. Experience has shown that the user’s rate of return on sites with an active review system is very high and appropriate. Because the user will return to the site to get the answer to his question.

  • Optimize meta description

Meta Description or Meta Description at the bottom of the site is displayed among Google results. Fit and attractive meta tags are one of the factors that increase the click rate of the site.

  • Title tag optimization

The tag title or title is the first item that is being reviewed by users among Google search results. Putting in an honest, honestly branded title will increase the attraction of the site.

  • Embed caching plugin

The caching plug-in makes browsers save some of your site’s files to increase loading speed in later browsing. The site loading speed is very important, so using the cache plugin, you can fix the speed of the site to the best possible extent.

  • Increase the speed of loading the site

The speed of loading the site is one of the most important factors Google is considering browsing the sites. In addition to Google, faster loading of the site will increase the satisfaction of visitors to the site. That’s why it’s important for Google because Google only cares about your site being able to attract user satisfaction.

  • Compress files and site codes

Compressing or minifying CSS, html, and JavaScript files will reduce the extra spaces and lines among the site’s codes, and it will increase the readability of the site by Google’s robots.

  • Website Optimization

Optimizing and reducing the size of the site’s images increases its loading speed. This reduction in volume should be such that the quality of the image cannot be detected by the human eye.

  • Use the description metadata for site photos

Putting the title meta tag, the caption, and the Alt tag for the images helps to better understand the content of the site by search engines.

  • Lazy load or lazy loading

This feature will cause the site elements, such as images and scripts, to not load until the user sends a request to them and has not scanned them. As a result, we can say that the speed of initial loading of the site will increase significantly.

  • Fix broken internal links

Broken links are known as a negative point for site SEO, but it can be said that the impact of broken internal links is much worse. Various sites like dead link checker are available to check the internal broken links of the site that can be analyzed from this site comment.

  • Duplicate content

The existence of repetitive content on the site is one of the reasons for Google’s penalties. There are various ways to fix it: use the canonical tag, no index no follow tag, redirects , and redirect page containing duplicate content and …

  • Find new keywords

Selected keywords for each site have a key role in entering the site. Selecting the best keywords is a very important point that you need to be extremely careful about. Given that new keywords are constantly being searched by users in search engines, you should constantly search for new keywords.

  • Use valid information for Whole’s domain site

According to Google, domains that use inappropriate or hidden WhoIe’s information may also hide other cases and somehow indicate a suspicion of the site. Although this does not necessarily result in Google’s fines or penalties, use of credible information will increase Google’s confidence.

  • Ads and promotional links available on the site

Using too many ads on different pages of the site will cause multiple problems in indexing your site. Use as much as possible promotional links and very limited promotions on your site.

  • Cut bounce rate

The return rate as a factor to determine the return rate of users to the site will have an effective role in increasing the feedback you receive from the site. This factor represents the number of users who have not visited your site since the first login to the site. Reducing jump rates in addition to having an impact on optimizing and boosting site rankings in Google’s results will increase site performance in terms of user engagement.

  • Write guest posts

Writing decent and useful content on other sites will increase traffic to the site, branding and more, which can be used to improve SEO and enhance the site on Google.

  • Create profiles on social networks

Social networks have penetrated so much among the users of the Web world that the proper use of them can be one of the most useful ways to optimize the site. Looking for a competitive edge? Buy Social Media Traffic from the top social sites for quick results! Linking various social networks to the site and logging in to the site through these links sends positive signals to the search engines.

  • Analysis of links to the site

Using the Google Console, you can check the links that other sites have given to your site and add malicious links from spam sites to your site using the tool contained in the console’s root., Disavow or so-called rejection. By doing so, Google will not consider these links in your site’s ranking.

  • Create useful links

Linking from reputable and relevant sites will increase the site’s rank in Google results and increase traffic to the site. Although the build-up of the bcc link is very sensitive, you need to have the ultimate in accuracy and experience to do it.

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